How can my client make me an admin to their Facebook business page?

Clients can make you an admin to their Facebook business page with just a few steps.

With the Facebook business page open, click on Settings on the lefthand side of the screen under the Manage Page section

Scroll down the Page Settings on the left side of your screen and click Page Roles

Where it says "Assign New Page Role" type in the name or email of the person you want to add. (You may need to send them a friend request first if they don't appear in the list to select)

Make sure to select Admin as the role.

Click Add

The user will now need to accept the page role invite from their Facebook!

The page invite will appear in your notifications in the upper right hand of the screen. Click on the notification

Click Accept and now you've successfully been made an admin to your client's page!

Didn't see your notification?

You can find all your page invites by navigating to Pages on the lefthand side of your homescreen and clicking on Invites

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