How do I schedule Instagram multi-image posts?

Instagram currently doesn't allow it's third parties to publish carousel posts, but Cloud Campaign's got you covered! Set up email notifications to schedule your multi-image posts

Note: If notifications are turned off, Instagram will automatically post scheduled content with only the first image. Turning notifications on will still allow other scheduled platforms to post multiple images like usual but will leave out Instagram, instead sending you an email to publish manually.

First things first, make sure you've got the email address you want reminders sent out to set up for the appropriate linked accounts

Navigate to your Brand Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper left corner of your screen
In the Linked Accounts tab, Add/Update Email to the corresponding Instagram accounts and click Save. Make sure to also click Save Changes at the top of your screen. This will be the email address that Cloud Campaign will send reminders to.

Next, hop over to the Publishing tab and toggle Instagram Multi-Image Posts on.
Click Save Changes at the top of your screen.

Now you will get a reminder to post your content! Here's what that might look like:

The post preview will display in this email with your caption and all images will be attached for you to quickly download!

If you don't receive the email, be sure to check your spam and add us to your contacts to ensure that future reminders go straight to your inbox
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