Twitter restricts access to some key metrics over the API, which limits what we can report on.

Fortunately, there's an easy fix! You can enrich your Twitter analytics in Cloud Campaign by grabbing the data directly from Twitter.

1. Export your data from Twitter

a) Log in to Twitter Analytics and click on the Tweets tab at the top.

b) In the top right, choose the desired date range to match your report in Cloud Campaign. Click 'Export Data'

c) While you're waiting for the data to finish exporting, go back to Cloud Campaign.

2. Generate the Report in Cloud Campaign
a) Navigate to the Reports tab in your Cloud Campaign dashboard.

b) Click 'New Report in the top right.

c) Configure the report and be sure to mark 'Use Fresh Data'. Click Generate when you're ready.

3. Upload your Twitter data to Cloud Campaign
a) Navigate to Cloud Campaign's Twitter upload portal

b) Upload the CSV file from step 1

c) That's it! Your Cloud Campaign report will automatically be updated with the new Twitter data. You can now download it as a PDF, CSV, or share the link.
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