An RSS feed is a computer parsable representation of a website or blog. In other words, the formatting is stripped from a website and just the meat of it is written to a feed. This makes it easier for computers to make sense of rich data to do things such as recommend news articles or create new content items for you.

How Do I Find My RSS Feed

Prepend 'feed' to your favorite author's Medium username in the URL. For example:
Or if you want to get the feed for a publication such as Hacker Noon, append 'feed' to their domain:

Similarly, append 'feed' to blogs with custom domain names:

Open the Squarespace page you want the feed for and append '?format=rss' or manually enter the page slug:

Visit your YouTube channel and copy the Channel ID from the URL.

Paste the channel ID into this link:[CHANNEL_ID]

Append '/rss' to the Tumblr page you want to generate an RSS feed for.

Blogspot / Blogger
Append '/default?alt=rss' to any Blogspot post feed.

Append '/1/feed' to your Weebly site:

Append '.atom' to any Shopify collection:

Append '/blog-feed.xml' to your Wix website URL.

All Others
Please consult your web hoster or hostmaster.
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